Treatment of Mature Burn Scars

Using a combination of laser treatments we have been able to improve the pigmentation and the pliability of the scars. The treatment is done in one session and all parts of the skin can be treated. TotalFX, which is ActiveFX and DeepFX done at the same time, and can be repeated three months later if there is further scope for improvement.

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One of our patients whose face was treated sent this as comment on her treatment done 12 years after her injury:

The face is incredible, I really didn't think I would be so pleased with and so convinced of the results. Not only is the overall skin tone vastly improved, the surface is smoother and can take make up much better which has allowed me to feel a little glamorous for the first time in eight years! The scars on the neck which pulled the face when I turned my face have softened and seem much slacker, so that now there is no pull on the cheek when I turn.


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Transformation of collagen and changes in scar tissue with laser treatment.

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