NLite Non-ablative wrinkle treatment

NLite wrinkle treatment
Before and three months after one NLite treatment


The NLite is a revolutionary new way to treat wrinkled and sun-damaged skin. The technique uses laser light to gently increase the collagen production in your skin. The effect of this is to rejuvenate the skin and soften your wrinkles.

This technique can restore lost collagen and assists in restoring a youthful appearance. The wrinkles will fade which will result in an improvement in skin tone after 1-2 months. Scientific studies have demonstrated an 85% increase in collagen production and up to a 65% reduction in wrinkle depth after one treatment. IPL and other dye laser systems have been shown not to do this.

Top up treatments will further improve the appearance. Studies also indicate some success treating acne scars.

Is it Safe?

This laser light has been used in laser centres for over ten years. The only difference is the revolutionary way in which the laser beam is treated. In general, much lower energy settings are used, and therefore untoward effects have been minimised. Transient redness and bruising can rarely occur.

What can you expect at the time of your treatment?

All procedures can be carried out without the need for any anaesthetic. Laser light is harmful to the eyes, so you will be provided with protective eye wear. Do not remove this unless instructed to do so by your practitioner.

Each pulse of the laser feels like a tiny pinprick. The laser traces along the length of each wrinkle only once. After the treatment is completed you will be aware of a gentle warming of the skin. Usually there is no bruising, no redness and minimal swelling. A small number of patients will have some temporary redness that will fade within 24 hours and is easily covered up with makeup.

Immediately after treatment you will be able to reapply makeup and return to work!

How long does it last?

So far it has been demonstrated that the increase in collagen synthesis continues for one month. Laboratory based studies have shown that the collagen synthesis has doubled by 72 hours after the treatment. This increased collagen synthesis will plump up wrinkles and a gradual improvement will be seen over a month. After this the collagen remains under the wrinkle long term.

This results in a noticeable change in the wrinkles, making them softer. There is a corresponding increase in skin thickness towards a more youthful complexion.

Can it be repeated?

We would recommend a minimum of two treatments. If your wrinkles are very deep a longer course of treatment may be necessary. Some patients may wish to have periodic top up as the ageing process catches up. This can be done more frequently if necessary.

What are the limitations?

In areas where the skin is thin, such as the back of the hand or the eyelid, may require more treatments to achieve the best results. If the skin is extremely thin, with little collagen, then it is possible that no improvement will be achieved.

It is important that all makeup is removed prior to the treatment and we would recommend that you use an exfoliator to prepare the skin. This assists by removing the outer dry skin flakes and facilitates the actions of the laser.

You must avoid strenuous activity for at least two hours pre and post treatment.

You should avoid aspirin containing medications, anti-inflammatory drugs for seven days prior to and seven days after the treatment. Avoid smoking for at least four hours before and four hours after the laser treatment. The longer the better. These will all reduce the effect of the laser.

If you have been taking Roaccutane then you must be off this for a minimum of three months.


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